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Detoxification is the process of safely managing withdrawal symptoms to allow the body to remove its dependency on drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances.


What To Expect During


The type of drug the patient is addicted to and how long they have used it will have an impact on the detox process’ quality and length of time it takes to get better. Even though we will tailor the process to the patient’s needs, proper detoxification normally begins with an evaluation of both physical and mental health. Additionally, blood tests are performed to determine the level of care needed for an effective treatment of the body.

The Effects of

Harmful Substances

Drug addiction is not a choice or failure of character, but rather a treatable disease that affects an individual’s brain and body, leaving them compelled to continue seeking out the drug or substance even in the face of harmful consequences to their life, health, and relationships.

Some people are genetically predisposed to addiction, making it easier for them to fall victim to the disease. No matter the nature of your addiction, rest assured that you can receive the proper care and treatment you need to return to an addiction-free lifestyle. It is important to identify the signs of addiction in order to make the decision to get help, so here are some symptoms and signs of substance abuse by category:




1. Marks or Lesions on the Skin

2. Chemical odor on breath or clothing

3. Drastic weight gain or weight loss, sudden changes in appetite

4. Poor personal hygiene

5. Tremors or seizures

6. Withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop taking the drug

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