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Trauma Therapy

Knowing the possible source is the first step to tackling the problem.

About Our

Trauma Therapy Service

Trauma Therapy is an evidence-based treatment that is designed to address the special needs of clients suffering from one-time or repetitive traumatic experiences, such as domestic abuse or violence.


When You Should Seek

Trauma Therapy

Clients find this treatment helpful when they are seeking emotional and mental support for the past experiences that have been haunting them and effecting their daily behaviors. New wounds and scars are not just physical, but are also mental. A client suffering from a traumatic experience will be constantly on a fight or flight path whenever triggered by an event that is similar to a past traumatic experience. This can leave the client frustrated, depressed, angry, or unable to live a normal daily life. Symptoms to look out for to know if you are suffering from trauma could be any of the following, but are not limited to:

  • Panic attacks

  • Anxiety Attacks or debilitating fear

  • Staying to yourself and away from friends, family, or crowds

  • Drinking to dull the pain or run from the memories

  • Feeling disconnected or numb from your surroundings

  • Easily irritated or angered

  • Feelings of depression and hopelessness

  • Feeling unsafe in certain places or unsafe near certain people to the point of feeling anxiety and fear.

Trauma Therapy

The Benefits of

A recommended MBI Therapist will help you with their trauma through cognitive behavioral techniques, which will help improve your physical, mental, and emotional reactions to triggering life events. In some cases, we will even include, and only with the your consent and approval, a family therapy session to properly diagnose the cause and effect of the your trauma. When it comes to therapy, it is important to find a therapist with experience and training in cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy, as well as experience in trauma therapy.

MBI Health Services will work with you to find a therapist among our staff of licensed mental health professionals who not only have these credentials, but are also a therapist you feel comfortable working with.

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