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Partial Hospitalization Program

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About Our


Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) allows you to receive addiction treatment during the day (usually a combination of medical treatment and counseling or therapy), and then return to your home by the end of the day. PHP is not as demanding as full-time residential inpatient treatment, but is much more involved than intensive outpatient treatment (IOP).


What To Expect During Our


One of the benefits of this type of treatment program is that the patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, along with access to a combination of medical and mental health services. PHPs are also useful for those who are leaving an inpatient treatment facility, as it provides daily structure, while also allowing the patient to put their newly learned skills to use in the real world when they go home. In order to keep clients on track and get the most out of their treatment, their day will have specifically allotted times to take medication or attend therapy sessions. It is important to adhere to the schedule in order to create healthy habits which the patient can then apply on their own in the evenings and during the weekends

Is Our Partial Hospitalization Program

Right For You?

While every individual faces different circumstances, here are some general guidelines to determine if PHP is the right type of treatment for you or a loved one:

1. You or a loved one struggle with addiction but have a safe and supportive home environment or community

2. You are willing and able to participate in group therapy and individual therapy sessions

3. You cannot commit to a full-time inpatient treatment facility

4. You are not bedridden and are able to transport yourself to and from treatment

5. You do not experience life-threatening or dangerous withdrawal symptoms (such as delirium tremens)

6. You can self-regulate prescription medications if necessary

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