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Family & Marriage Counseling

The hardest thing to admit sometimes is the fact that the troubles begin within the home.

About Our

Family & Marriage Counseling

Our staff utilizes Family Behavior Therapy (FBT), which is an all-inclusive treatment modality designed to rebuild the family unit. Family Behavior Therapy promotes open communication between family members, loved ones, and married couples. It helps to promote: respect between each person involved; self-control; conflict resolution skills; job-searching skills; and other important skills for maintaining a healthy family and marital unit during recovery.


When You Should Seek

Family & Marriage Counseling

Substance use disorders as well as mental health issues can put a strain on the relationship between family members, marital and non-marital couples alike. With proper guidance, family members and couples will be able to start to bridge their way back to the cause and effect of their current emotional status towards one another.

There are many benefits of having family members and couples undergo treatment and recovery, including but are not limited to:

  • Reducing feelings of stress, fear, anger, confusion, etc. related to the addiction

  • Helping to keep each other motivated and engaged during treatment

  • Educating the family and couple about substance use disorders and their effects

  • Educating the family and couple about how treatment will work and what to expect/do when the treatment is complete

  • Strengthening communication skills

  • Providing the client appropriate support after treatment

  • Providing the opportunity for family members to develop strategies and skills to help their loved one remain on the path to recovery

  • Providing a safe space for families and couples to voice their concerns or ask questions about a loved one’s addiction or mental health


What We Can Help You With During

Family & Marriage Counseling

We prioritize a client-centered care approach, meaning that you as the client are integral in deciding what type of treatment(s) you participate in. Family and spouse involvement is not always ideal depending on one’s environment or circumstances, but at the same time it is a great resource for many clients. Please take time to consider and confer with one of our medical professionals to decide if our Family and Marriage Counseling sounds right for you.

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