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Medication Assisted Treatment

Take it step by step, and your health goals will begin to materialize.

About Our


MAT works by providing the client with small doses of medication, similar in nature to their former drug of abuse, in order to avoid dangerous withdrawal symptoms. The process is designed to gradually wean the client off of harmful substances under the close supervision of a physician or other medical professionals.


What To Expect During Our


Medication Assisted Treatment is a therapy used in the early stages of recovery. It is always coupled with an approved treatment plan and other forms of behavioral therapy to ensure the client is receiving the best form of care. By doing this, we help the client reduce the strength of the withdrawal symptoms, as well as restore balance to their hormone levels and neurotransmitters. In other words, MAT helps the client find stability from within. 

Is Our Medication Assisted Treatment

Right For You?

IF the client’s symptoms are severe, they may be considered for this type of treatment.

IF a medical professional has assessed the client’s symptoms and provides proof that the client needs this treatment.

IF the client is suffering from a long history of substance abuse and the inability to recover, then MAT may be considered.

IF the client is suffering from a co-occurring disorder (Ex. psychiatric illness and substance addiction), MAT could be used in conjunction with the client’s psychiatric services.

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