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Individual & Group Therapy

You are not alone in this battle for a better version of yourself.

About Our

Individual & Group Therapy Services

Individual Therapy may also be referred to as psychotherapy, counseling, or just therapy. MBI assists the client in providing one-on-one sessions with a recommended therapist. This therapist may help the client in overcoming obstacles in their livelihood, restore or build self-esteem, learn skills for handling challenging situations, reaching their personal goals, as well as building and maintaining healthy behaviors. The only difference between Individual and Group therapy is that the latter involves a small group of clients all trying to overcome their internal obstacles together.


When You Should Seek

Individual or Group Therapy

People often avoid seeking therapy before their symptoms become severe, or even completely avoid it altogether. While there may be some ingrained stigma associated with seeking mental health care, remember that taking care of your health is the right thing to do, whether that be your physical or your mental health. You are not alone, and we will support you in every way we can. Consider starting therapy if issues in your life or your mental health are causing you distress. Such as:

  • physical pain or fatigue

  • negative thoughts and feelings​

  • hopelessness

  • trouble focusing at work or at school

  • thoughts of harming yourself or others

Confidentiality is guaranteed. So please rest assured that your concerns will stay between you, your therapist, and within our safe space.

What To Expect When You 

Participate or Join Our Sessions

Our therapy sessions are designed to help clients with depression, panic disorders, social anxiety, and substance abuse. Clients can also come to us to focus on on-going low self-esteem issues, anger-management, heavy feelings of loneliness, and the process of grieving over the loss of a loved one. Some advantages to group therapy sessions are, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring our clients that they are not alone in their struggle or fight for positive personal growth

  • Bolstering socialization and communication skills

  • Offering the chance to not only receive help, but to give help to others attending your group session

  • Providing a safe space for clients to unapologetically express themselves

  • Developing self-awareness and self-discovery


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