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Change In Your Personal Health

Starts From Within

Now Accepting Patients in Our West Hollywood Branch!

Stronger Together

When Substance Addiction Treatment Meets Mental Health Services... 

We Begin a Balanced Approach to Getting Well

MBI Health Services, Inc. is a substance addiction treatment center that acknowledges that mental health services are needed to fully help you or your loved ones. We truly believe that both go hand-in-hand for the betterment of you. Come check us out at our following location, or contact us today to discuss how you can get well. 

We're Here to Help You

Positively Manage Your Addictions & Mental Health

We'd Love To Get To Know You

We’d love to know more about you so we can create a suitable treatment plan. The goal here is to have a strong foundation to start or resume your journey in your personal health goals. This involves knowing your basic information, your medical history, personal experiences in relation to why you are coming to us, and other vital facts about yourself.

Want to Know You
We Care

Get To Know Us

We’ve gathered a compassionate team of substance addiction and mental health specialists to connect you to our services. Everyone on our team has had 10+ years of experience helping individuals like yourself. So you are in good hands. Call us or come on in and feel free to ask us anything!

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